The primary goal of Nova Generation is to provide scholarships to students of Macedonian descent.

The Macedonian Diaspora spreads across the globe, with large communities in Canada, The US, Australia and Europe.  They are proud and productive citizens of these countries as well as proud of their heritage.  There are many successful and famous people whose background includes a special little country in the Balkans.

The Macedonian community in Canada and the rest of the diaspora is known for its values, work ethic, and emphasis on education.

Hard work is a large part of that success.  Nova Generation hopes to assist these hard working members of the Diaspora in achieving their goals.

Past recipients include doctors, lawyers, academics, bankers and engineers.  We are very proud of our small part in their big success. Please visit our page dedicated to past recipients.

In a speech at Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, Fareed Zakaria discussed that the cost of higher education should not be judged by the tuition, but by the cost of not having that education.

We will offer a scholarship each year, which will include an essay question.  Applicants are evaluated on not only their essay, but on their academic achievement to date.

Please visit our Current Scholarship page for more information on requirements, deadlines, and the essay question.

At a future date after the pandemic, we will begin organizing mentoring and networking events for recent graduates.  Please check back later.

If you wish to contribute to our efforts please visit our donations page. 

If you, your family or your organization wish to create your own scholarship, please contact us directly at  We will be more than happy to help you make that happen.

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