Hello and welcome to Nova Generation, a Canadian charity based in Toronto that provides scholarships to university students of Macedonian descent across the worldwide Macedonian diaspora.

Founded in 2019, our mandate is:

  1. To provide scholarships and bursaries to students of Macedonian Heritage;
  2. To provide counselling to these students on issues related to employment;
  3. To undertake other activities to support those goals.

Many people across the globe can trace their ancestry to Macedonia, in the southern Balkans.  Lively music, spicy food and passionate people are just a few hallmarks of this important community and we wish to support the higher education of the next generation.


Nova Generation administers the Bitove Scholarship with the generous support of the Bitove Foundation and numerous other donors in the community.  Let us take a moment here to thank each and everyone who has contributed to this mission and helped us finance our mandate.

Please visit our scholarship page for information and updates on this year’s scholarship.  You can also read about past recipients.


Nova Generation is funded 100% from donations.  The recipients of our scholarships rely on your generosity and those like you. 

Furthermore we endeavour to keep our expenses as low as possible in order to maximize the effect of your contributions.  Our board contributes their time and effort to this organization.

Feel confident that your donation will make a difference to a student.

The Board

Our Board of Directors represents a diverse group bringing different skills and perspectives. 

Considering the importance of this mission, we endeavor to run this organization with minimal expenses to maximize the funding that we can provide to deserving students

All of our board members, who are also officers of the organization, donate their time and experience so that as much of our donations can go to the scholarships.


Read updates about:

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Upcoming events
  • Announcements
  • Information for students

Includes our Twitter feed with our latest information.

“Upon the subject of education … I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.”

Abraham Lincoln

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